The project contributes to E2020 strategy regarding “smart growth”, “sustainable growth” and “inclusive growth” objective by promoting “access for all” to health care taking actions foreseen by the program “telemedicine and telecare infrastructure and other technology-oriented health care provision methods” and will try to improve access to primary and emergency health care (at isolated and deprived communities) in the cross border area by providing a personal mobile healthcare system on the base of the mobile video supporting device.

The objectives of the project are summarized as follows:

  • Implement an improved system based on advanced ICT allowing more efficient treatment and care with added possibilities offered by eHealth
  • Create a user friendly system, so the healthcare system will be equitable
  • Create a valuable information system enhancing the quality of life for everyone
  • Consider models for intelligent remote healthcare monitoring
  • Offer VAS over guaranteed medical systems
  • Decrease human mortality by reliable easy-to-use and effective intelligent care system
  • Enable seamless adaptation between different kind of bio-sensors
  • Demonstrate the architecture in a medical environment
  • Enable fast and remote healthcare monitoring
  • Introduction in the clinical practice of a new e-health approach
  • Allow persons to be under constant monitoring of their physical conditions by healthcare professionals
  • Reduce geographical/physical boundaries as barriers for individuals seeking the best in Europe healthcare

Aims and objectives

The main objective of this project is to develop a personal mobile healthcare system on the base of the mobile video supporting device allowing ambulant patients:

  • remote monitoring of the patient’s state
  • patient’s continuous self control
  • live contact from any place and any time with professional medical staff through modern communication network.

Full version of the system will be intended for chronically ill population. Simplified version of the system with micro-electrodes integrated directly into cellular device/PDA is intended for healthy population interesting in health status self-control.

The main objective of the project is to facilitate the access to healthcare services in territories and populations that currently are not sufficiently serviced due to both geographical and mobility reasons (remote areas, elderly people, people with disabilities etc).

The proposed system exploits new ICT capabilities in order to deliver reliable healthcare services at a remote context. The system will be able to transmit a wide range of biomedical parameters over a variety of communication media

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