Environmental benefits stemming from reduced carbon dioxide emissions due to reduced mobility of patients and the elderly to and from hospitals, help centers, etc.

The motivation for this project is:

  • The critical need for intelligent interpretation and management of healthcare data
  • Provide access to care for as many people as possible, anytime, anywhere
  • Create a new wireless product that will decrease the cable tangle at the bedside
  • Reduce healthcare costs while maintaining a high quality of care
  • New services should be offered to health system users, giving rise to an improved and advanced medical service
  • Patients and healthcare professionals should be able to make use of intelligent medical equipment in diversified environments
  • Business models should be developed and exploited to increase user benefits
  • Patients demand reliable, user friendly and precise health monitoring system in an efficient manner anytime, anywhere
  • Patients demand from medical equipment decreased failures and erroneous result and diagnosis
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